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At Markham Gate Dental Centre we offer education and treatments for children to ensure their teeth and gums stay healthy as they grow.

From the time your children are born, you only want the best for them. This includes strong and healthy smiles. By helping our kids learn positive dental care habits, such as proper flossing and brushing, from a young age, we help create a lifelong commitment to good dental health. It’s important to take the time to chat with us about your children’s teeth, because we want all of our patients — the smallest to the tallest — to enjoy good dental health for a lifetime.

To help kids learn proper dental care habits, we have a fun Brown Bag program. When your kids come in for an appointment they can bring their toothbrush, floss and any other dental care items along with them in a bag and we’ll show them how to use them properly.

You can also help your child learn about dental care by talking to them about how important it is to brush and floss their teeth. Talk to them about how food, especially sugar, can make their teeth sick if they don’t brush their teeth.

It also helps if you teach your kids how to brush by letting them watch you and by helping them brush their own teeth. Remember, attitude is everything; if you are enthusiastic and positive about brushing your teeth, your kids will be more likely to try it themselves.

For more resources on teaching kids how to brush and on the importance of good dental health check out the fun educational videos and games in our Kids Zone.

If you need a family dentist in Markham, look no further. Call Markham Gate Dental Centre to book an appointment today!

FAQs — Click to reveal the answers to family dentistry questions

Q: My daughter grinds her teeth at night, what can I do to help?

A: If your child is grinding her teeth, it’s important to learn the cause. We can help diagnose her grinding and provide advice and treatment to help.

Q: When should I bring my baby for his first examination?

A: It’s normal to bring your child for their first visit when they are able to sit up by themselves in the dentist’s chair and sit still. Most children have their first dental appointment around their second birthday.

Q: My children are nervous about visiting the dentist. How can I help them stay calm?

A: The best way to help your children stay calm about a visit to the dentist is to treat the visit like it’s no big deal. Keep your conversations about the dentist light, and tell your children what to expect without using language like “It won’t hurt that much.”