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Oral Hygiene / Cleaning

The key to good oral health

At Markham Gate Dental Centre, our professional registered dental hygienists will help you care for your teeth and gums. If you come see us for regular cleaning and dental examinations it helps us stay current on any emerging dental health issues you may have, facilitating early detection and treatment.

During your cleaning, we will use a special tool to scrape or “scale" your teeth to remove built-up tartar. After scaling, we’ll polish your teeth to clean their surfaces and remove any stains or discolouration. We may also give you a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth against decay. We’ll also examine your teeth and gums and let you know if there are any areas of your at-home dental hygiene that you need to focus on.

As part of our regular dental examinations, we will also use an intra-oral camera to examine your teeth, gums and mouth. An intra-oral camera is a tiny camera that fits inside your mouth and lets us look at areas that are difficult to see. The camera makes it easier for us to detect early signs of decay, inspect teeth for damage, and screen for early signs of oral cancer or gum disease.

Sometimes decay can occur in extremely small spots that are very difficult to detect with the naked eye. The intra-oral camera can help us detect these spots so we can treat them earlier.

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FAQs — Click to reveal the answers to oral hygiene questions

Q: How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

A: You should go for a cleaning at least once a year, however for optimal results or for children we recommend going twice yearly. The frequency of your cleanings will depend on your individual situation, so consult with our hygienist.

Q: Should adults get fluoride treatment?

A: Although fluoride treatments are vital for protecting children’s developing teeth, adults can benefit from fluoride treatment as well. Treatment will harden the enamel of your teeth, making it more resistant to decay.

Q: Does my insurance cover professional cleaning?

A: The majority of insurance plans cover professional cleaning and hygiene appointments, but the coverages varies. Some plans only cover one visit a year, while others cover more frequent appointments. We can help you understand your coverage.