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Markham Teeth Whitening

You’re steps away from a whiter, brighter smile!

Do you want whiter teeth? At Markham Gate Dental Centre we offer at home or in office teeth whitening treatments that will take your teeth from dull to dazzling! We use the ZOOM! Whitening line of products, the most patient-requested whitening line in North America, to provide dramatic, reliable and pain-free results, every time.

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FAQs — Click to reveal the answers to teeth whitening questions

Q: Can’t I get the same results with whitening toothpaste or gum?

A: Whitening toothpastes and gum do whiten your teeth, but these products are unable to completely remove discolouration from your teeth. Only a professional whitening treatment administered by a dentist can completely remove this discolouration.

Q: Should I stop drinking wine, coffee or tea?

A: While it’s true that red wine, coffee and tea can stain your teeth over time, you don’t need to avoid them entirely. Good oral hygiene, including frequent brushing and professional cleaning, will reduce the amount of staining these drinks leave on your teeth. Professional whitening can also remove these stains.

Q: Which is better: at home whitening or in office whitening?

A: In-office whitening generally provides more dramatic results, but many people are perfectly happy with the results from at-home treatments. Ask us which treatment may be a better option for you.

Q: Will my insurance pay for whitening?

A: This depends on your plan. Ask us to help you understand your coverage.